Friday, September 16, 2011

Taking the next step

There is a boy.  He's important to me.  And I am important to him.  We have known each other awhile.  We dated last year, for about a month, then he dumped me.  Then we dated again, and I dumped him.  We both had relationships with other people.  We re-connected again as friends at the tail end of his last relationship.  We have played with the idea of an "us" for the last few months.  Now suddenly, he tells me he is in.  Ready.  Whew. 
This is scary!  When you know someone this well, and feel a connection in so many ways, there is no casual dating!  Its all or nothing.  And now I am scared.  Not sure I can do it.  Not ready to ruin the friendship, not ready to give him up, not ready to take the next step.
Decisions, decisions.

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  1. sounds good and intense! you need a girls weekend to discuss your sitch. can't wait!