Wednesday, August 10, 2011

6 Buddhas

I guess I sort of collect buddhas.  They are just so peaceful and serene.  Anyway....on to more important topics, I have a question.  For you.  I know that I only have a few readers, and among those there are certainly several who are not actually reading my blog, but like me and are followers just to be nice:).  And that's all good.  But my question, people, is this.  In the beginning of my short blog career I was posting recipes.  Now I have mainly been rambling on about my love life, and other random things.  Which do you prefer?  I can start doing mostly food stuff, or continue with my random thoughts.  Or both.  Please please please let me know your opinions, via email, text, or best of all, a comment on the actual blog.  I would like to try and bring in more readers and I would like to know what appeals to people currently reading the most.  Thank you.   Peace out.


  1. Hi Cari, Since you asked for my opinion, I'm going to say, I think you should write about whatever is your thing at the moment. It's YOUR blog after all:) You might feel like you are distant from your blog and don't know what to write or when to anyone even reading this??? Well I know what that's like. I feel in love with blogging when I decided to document a fundraising project for some wells in Africa a year ago. I wrote in that blog at least every other day! So when that blog ended, and it only ended because we raised the money and the wells were built!! (YAY! and double YAY!!) I decided to start a blog for me. Like you I have so many areas in my life I could write about:) Mine is creation based and I blog about the things I make, however from time to time I blog about something else. So I would say, I think it's okay to talk about food cause your a foodie, or talk about dating cause your dating, or talk about a recent adventure since your adventurous! It's your blog and you can write about what you want too:) I enjoy reading your blog Cari....and even if I am not Buddhist I can appreciate the information you bring to the table. Whatever you do please do not stop talking about your class and teaching....;)

  2. Tami!
    Thanks so much for your input! It is very much appreciated! I just wasnt sure if people were getting sick of hearing about my random thoughts and ridiculous dating life...:)