Friday, October 14, 2011


Damn, I think it's over.  My relationship that I tried.  I know, it happened quickly, all of it.  But when you know it's just not right, I guess you have to sever ties.  This guy, honestly, he's pretty wonderful.  He is a good dad, has an honorable job, is a good friend, is just not right for me.  I thought for awhile that it was just that his life was too busy...but I have learned even more about what I need in a relationship, even when I thought there was really no more to learn.  You can have a super crazy busy life and still be attentive, I believe.  At least, I really hope you can.  We gave it a go, but I think our relationship styles are different.  Truthfully, I do sort of love him.  But can I really be IN LOVE with someone who is not putting out the effort that I want? Should I be? The answer is no.  Damn, I think it's over.

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  1. poo, cari, sorry to hear this. wish i was seeing you soon so i could give you a big hug. xo -maria