Saturday, January 7, 2012

Raising my Standards

Allright.  I think I am on a roll here.  I have something else I have been thinking about, and it pertains to dating.  I am raising my standards.  Since my divorce people have been telling me to virtually give everyone a chance, you never know.  Bullshit.  I have been doing that and it's not working.  I have been flexible (don't have a job, That's with your parents, it's all good....sleeping on your ex-wife's couch....he is doing it for the children...).  This is crap.  Because I think that it is possible that I am sending out to the universe, well, just send me whoever.  At this point, anyone is fair game.  Chico is a pretty small place, and I know that there is probably a bigger pool of eligible quality men in a bigger city, but please.  There have got to be more than what is being offered to me.  So here is the deal.  And believe me when I say this is an experiment because maybe I am wrong and I really am getting a good representation of what is out there...but I am done.  I am from now on, only looking at, dating, sleeping with, men that meet every criteria on my list.  You have a face piercing?  Sorry.  Went back to school and have no income?  Not happenin.  Smoke?  Nope.  Eat only Big Macs then complain about being tired all the time?  Not a chance.  I could go on, but I am sure you get my drift. 

But.  There is another piece to this.  And that is, I have to make sure that I am presenting myself as the ultimate package also.  To score an awesome man with all that I want, well, I gotta be all that this guy would want too.  I suspect that the good men are having a hard time with the women available around here as well.  And to me, this means one thing:  lose the extra weight.  I already have the great job, independence, great home, and charming personality (dont laugh) part down.  But I got about 50 extra lbs that is keeping me from Mr. Right and continuing to keep me dating Mr. Well-kind-of-if-he-got-a-haircut.   Without the 50 extra lbs I am carrying around I would be much closer to the complete package, and maybe start feeling like I have a chance with Dr. McDreamy or someone equally as sexy/cool.  Or maybe, after all, I still will have to move.  At least I will be skinnier when I do it:).

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  1. right on, girl! i laughed at the "well-kind-of-if-he-got-a-haircut!" so funny! i've got an extra 35 lbs so maybe we could support each other. let's keep in touch! xo