Saturday, November 19, 2011

In case of Emergency

On Tuesday I got a text from R.  R is the guy that I tried to have a relationship with during summer and spilling into fall.  The single father that just didn't have enough extra to give after his life as a paramedic with 3 small children.  We had not talked in weeks, after we had both stated how much we missed each other. 

The text said "please help.  I have strep throat and 102 degree temp.  I can't get out of bed to get water".   I went over there, got him water, medicine, a cold washcloth and sat holding his hand until he fell asleep.  Somehow, during our on again, off again relationship, I had become his "in case of emergency" person.  The person he contacted when he really needed help.  This feels good.  Our relationship did not work, and we agreed after this last round that we would not try again.  But we will be friends.  We still are important to each other.  And I feel honored to hold the "in case of emergency" spot in his crazy life.

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