Saturday, March 19, 2011

Taking care of someone, and other mom-like behaviors

Right now I am sitting, literally doing nothing but waiting for the laundry to be done in the dryer.  See, KT's ( K and KT are Kevin, who is the love of my life, btw), anyway KT's best friend was in a bad accident and is finally coming home from ICU today.  Yes!  This is my thing!  I get to clean, and laundry, and cook, and get him all set up and comfortable!  I get to spring into action getting things done to help out, which is honestly what I am best at.  I will spend the day running around making sure he has food and water and other neccessary items during his healing time.  Today was a day with nothing planned, just a rainy kind of lazy day and now, I HAVE A MISSION!
Sometimes I think that this sort of behavior is actually not all that healthy.  It puts me in that same role I play everyday at school with the kiddos, and that my mommy friends play (not really play, is it?) everyday as THEIR LIFE!  This sort of needing to always be caring for someone else sure makes it easy to forget to care for, ahem, myself.  Yes, I have a headache today.  And yeah my stiff back could really use a good yoga session.  Plus I have this ginormous box of veggies from the CSA that could really make me a nice healthy dinner.  And my own laundry is sitting in 6 divided piles, patiently waiting for my attention.  And....I could go on.  I often set my weekends up filled with chores, because ok, I will admit I am a neat freak,,, but also because I honestly dont really know what else to do with myself.  I am better at working then playing, I guess.  Hmph.

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