Saturday, May 21, 2011


I have been creating like mad these past few weeks.  Hairclips, pillows, a quilt, baby gifts, a new yoga bag and every possible weird new item of food using veggies from my CSA box you can imagine.  Two types of kale salad.  Turnips sauteed with veggie canadian bacon.  Even brown rice with herbs wrapped in a chard leaf with a dollop of goat cheese on top.  Tons of soups, beans and extra healthy casseroles to go in the freezer.  I also have been doing yoga and meditating every chance I can.  I love this, but honestly, it feels a little manic, like I am trying to fill a void instead of honestly just admitting its there.Who is going to eat all this food?  And drink the big pitcher of fresh basil/mint lemonade I just made from the herbs I planted last weekend?

I should probably try and be more social...but truth is, I am an introvert.  I happen to have pretty decent social skills (most of the time), so I do have a lot of friends, but my friends nowadays are all attached.  Except me.  Most of them have kids.  Except me.  Ahem.

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