Sunday, May 15, 2011

Its been awhile

Well, I know I only have one follower, but a friend has recently asked me to post, so I guess maybe other people are reading, but don't want to commit? Anyway, so here it is.  I havent written lately because my partner in crime, Kevin, and I have split.  I needed a minute to digest it all, and feel completely depressed, but now I am back on my feet and feeling pretty good. 

Its one of those weird things, but even though I absolutely adore the guy, and he really had become my best friend, I also know, dammit...that he's not good for me.  I question myself often about me in relationships in general, because truthfully, I am not sure I am ever really at my best in a relationship.  I tend to be great at being alone, I have lots of friends and hobbies and enjoy all of them and as soon as I am in a relationship, its all gone.  In this particular case, I was especially off because of some of the issues particular to him. 

I am happy to say though, that for the first time ever, it seems that I will remain friends with my ex.  He and I are really trying to make that happen.  As for me, being single feels great.  Yoga several times a week, sewing, spending time with my family and friends again, and generally just looking after me, feels good.

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